Disinfectant for Vegetables & Fruits


  • Compatible with all Vegetables & fruits
  • Removes all type of Pesticides,Colour, Pathogens
  • Suitable for frequent/daily use
  • Safe and Non Toxic
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“Water alone is not effective for germ removal and cleaning vegetables & fruits.
It often leaves behind pesticides and is not able to disinfect the vegetables and fruits
from food-borne illnesses causing germs. This can affect the health and safety of your
family. Introducing Maxguard Vegetable & Fruit Wash with 100% Natural Action which effectively
washes away pesticides~ & 99.9% germs from the vegetables & fruits. It has no added artificial dyes,
bleach, chlorine or soap and is completely safe to use on your veggies & fruits. “

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1ltr, 500ml, 5ltr


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