Maxguard Clothes Disinfectant Spray


Maxguard Clothes Disinfectant Spray kills virus & 99.9% germs on your clothes and refreshes them. The specially designed formula is free of bleach,gentle and safe on clothes. It also leaves clothes smelling fresh upto 72 hrs.



• Kills Virus & 99.99% Germs including Molds, Fungi, Odour causing bacteria.
• It kills odour causing bacteria on clothes and refreshes them with a subtle Fresh breeze like fragrance
that lasts upto 72 hrs.
• Specially designed formula with Fabric care additives is free of Bleach and is safe to use on wide range of
fabric types such as Woollens, Cotton, Nylon, Satin, Denim.
• Can be used on every day clothes like shirts, pants, leggings, clothes that are infrequently washed like
Woollens, Jeans