Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray


  • Works as both Sanitation & Disinfectant
  • Ready to use product
  • Rapid action i.e. spray& wipe
  • Suitable for any surface
  • Highly effective in removing most infection spreading germs
  • Leave fresh fragrance post application
  • Can be used to disinfect on all Electronic items, Mobile & Computers
  • No need to carry hand sanitizer separately as it works both as Disinfectant & Sanitation
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“Recognizing that all seemingly clean objects are not actually safe, MaxGuard has formulated this disinfectant spray, which kills 99.9% of germs. Offering multi-protection from disease-causing bacteria, MaxGuard Multipurpose Alcohol Based Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray is effective on a diverse range of hard and soft surfaces like bathroom, bedrooms (mattresses and curtains), car seats, doors and knobs, office desk, kids’ toys, etc. Features: “

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