Maxguard Multipurpose Disinfectant
I personally feel that Maxguard Disinfectant is both effective and affordable at the same time. I spray 10-15 times on the interior of my car and the 250ml bottle lasted me for more than a month.
Kirti Bansal
House Wife
Maxguard Clothes Disinfectant
Maxguard clothes disinfectant dries in one or two minutes. It is easy to disinfect my clothes like jacket, trousers and even jeans. Otherwise we could have to wash and dry clean the same. It reduced my washing load.
Keshav Verma
Maxguard Vegetables & Fruits Disinfectant:
Superb Product. Must buy. After using this liquid as instructed, I find that the fruits / Vegetables skin becomes extremely clean and clear. We all should use this as nowdays all fruits and vegetables are covered with pesticides and chemical.
Sunaina Seth
House Wife
The quality of the packaging looks premium for Family Protection Kit and Personal Care Kit and are suitable for gifting during the festive season. Send few to my friends as gifts and the response is pretty positive.
Rohit Aggarwal
Purchase Manager
Maxguard Toilet Disinfectant
In my office sometimes toilet seat isn't clean enough.....sometimes I was avoiding to use it. But now thanks to Maxguard Toilet disinfectant. I am tension free. It's very hygienic specially for girls...... U can go for it.
Shilpa Aggarwal
Fashion Designer